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Bid and Tender Management

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Course duration: 2 days.

In today's fast paced and ever changing business world, mergers, acquisitions tender and bidding opportunities are becoming the norm.  Over two intensive days, you will learn the key principles of effective bid and tender management.  This will enable you to maximise your ability to plan, manage and submit powerful and successful bids.

This exciting and practical hands-on course focuses on providing you with the tools necessary to drive a compelling winning bid. Using real-life examples, you will experience the dynamic and competitive nature of the complete bidding cycle.

From initial bid evaluation and decision to tender, through resource allocation and daily management, to the ultimate production and submission of a bid, you will gain the tools to maximise your bidding opportunities.

Is it right for me?

Key business managers, business development executives, bid writers, key account managers, and research and business planning managers will all benefit from this exciting course. Fundamental business skills and concepts are assumed, and will not be covered on this course.

What will I learn?

The course will cover the entire bid cycle. It will provide you with proven and effective business tools and methods to:

  • Evaluate and analyse bid requirements.
  • Align your approach to what your customer wants.
  • Determine and target the resources you will require.
  • Identify the information you need to succeed.
  • Set up the internal review procedures required for your bid.
  • Structure your bid documentation effectively.
  • Differentiate your bid from that of your competition.
  • Control a structured submission.
  • Plan and work efficiently within tight timescales.
  • Assess and review your submission to drive continual improvement.

What will it cover?

The competitive bidding process

  • Understanding bid basics
  • Timescales and resources
  • The buyer's and the seller’s perspectives
  • Business and legislative drivers
  • Overseas implications

When to bid – the decision making process

  • Bid/no-bid decisions
  • Identifying ‘show-stoppers’
  • What will excite your customer
  • Alliances and partnership opportunities
  • Strategic and tactical business excellence models
  • EFQM and RADAR Scoring Matrix©
  • Presenting and communicating your decisions

How to manage an effective bid and response

  • What is an ideal bid?
  • The ‘power’ team workshop
  • Understanding the competition
  • Formation of the core bid team
  • Other members of the team
  • Roles, skills and responsibilities
  • The bid manager or director
  • The structure and format of the bid document
  • Controlling and monitoring the bid process
  • Storyboarding
  • Selling the benefits of your proposal
  • Business case preparation and presentation
  • The impact of change
  • Qualifications to your bid
  • Risk assessment and KPIs
  • The ‘Red Review’ – why, who, when?
  • Clarification requests

Production and submission of your bid

  • Compliance
  • Structure and impact
  • Production
  • Follow-up, responding to queries
  • Presenting to your customer
  • Review and evaluation
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment, review and continual improvement
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Mobilisation

Further courses to consider

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Trainer Profile

Steve Wright Steve Wright

Bid and tender management is more than just a sales course.

This course provides an exciting range of tools that enables bids of any size to be managed.  Many delegates are involved in bid teams with little or no training and are often surprised by the complexity of the larger bids.  During the course we have a practical exercise that allows tools to be used and afterwards the delegates get a CD with live spreadsheets to take away. 

Day one is all about the building blocks of a bid from deciding whether the bid is worthwhile to putting a team together.  What often looks difficult on paper becomes easier to understand and use when we work together through the process.  Day two is more about managing the bids and the teams involved.

By making our sessions practical at every step, our delegates are able to build a process that works for them as individuals and helps to produce and manage bids back in the workplace.


Geoff Cundall, Estimating and Production Engineer

New Store Europe

"I enjoyed the course. There were a lot of topics to cover, however the trainer delivered the course at a good pace, whilst making the day interesting and fun."

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