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E-learning Package: Sales Management

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This e-learning package will allow you to pick up new skills in an easy to access and interactive format.

E-learning is very effective! There are animated case studies, exercises, documents you can complete and reuse. Finally, at the end of each module, you can complete an assessment which shows how you have progressed.

What will I learn?

By completing this e-learning package you will be able to: 

  • Manage the performance of your sales team
  • Identify and resolve conflict in a sales context
  • Adopt a coaching approach
  • Manage sales administration

What will it cover?

Performance managing your sales team

Do you want to improve your team members' skills? Learn how to assess each salesperson using performance criteria and assess your team's overall degree of maturity.

Identifying and reacting to conflict in a sales context

This module proposes a method to manage conflict situations with customers. It will enable you to identify how conflicts arise, what approach to adopt and how to be assertive.

Five steps to resolving conflict in a sales context

Have you ever found yourself in a conflict with a customer? In this module, you will learn a five-stage technique for managing conflict situations with a customer.

Becoming a sales team manager-coach

Learn about the decisive role of the manager-coach: developing and supporting the sales team to improve its performance and team spirit.

Adopting a coaching approach with your sales team

Support your team members and help them to improve their performance by becoming a manager-coach. As you will learn in this module, this requires you to use certain communication principles and to adapt your management style for each coaching situation.

One to one coaching

Discover a technique for conducting one-to-one coaching sessions to help your salespeople improve their potential, knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills by identifying and optimising them themselves.

Coaching a sales force

Do you want to support your team members and help them to improve? Expand your managerial experience by becoming a manager-coach! Learn about the different types of coaching, the situations in which you should use them, and the behaviour you should adopt as a manager-coach.

Managing sales administration

Optimise your role as a sales administration manager. Learn how to set objectives, list existing skills and develop new skills to provide continuity of service by encouraging team members to adopt a flexible approach.


You need around 45 minutes to complete a module, however, if you only want to review a specific point, you can go to it directly and spend about 15 minutes on a single section.

Everything has been designed to make the training process easier allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Take a practical, rather than theoretical approach to the module
  • Play a part in your own training by completing role play exercises
  • Benefit from expert tips and advice
  • Check out what you have learned by completing a final assessment

You can learn at your own pace. You can review part of a module several times or ‘jump’ a section with a topic that you are already comfortable with.

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