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E-learning Package: Sales Skills for Success

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This e-learning package will allow you to pick up new skills in an easy to access and interactive format.

E-learning is very effective! There are animated case studies, exercises, documents you can complete and reuse. Finally, at the end of each module, you can complete an assessment which shows how you have progressed.

What will I learn?

By completing this e-learning package you will be able to: 

  • Prepare and make effective sales calls
  • Identify and summarising customers expectations
  • Present your offer effectively
  • Overcome objections
  • Close a sale effectively
  • Improve your sales negotiation technique

What will it cover?

Preparing for a sales call

Follow a young salesperson as she goes about her prospecting and sales calls, and see how to prepare for your calls, the mindset you should adopt, which tools to use and how to define your target audience

Identifying and summarising customer expectations

Do you find it hard to discover what your customer really wants? There are a number of effective techniques that you can use to define the customer's challenge, assess their needs and identify their motivations. This module will teach you when and how to apply these techniques.

Presenting your offer effectively

Once you have defined your customer's needs, you are at the stage where you can tailor your solution that solves your client’s wants and needs.  Clients buy what your service/product does for them - The aim of this module is to prepare you for these two crucial phases of the sales cycle.

The art of overcoming objections

"Yes but this product seems a bit too expensive for what it is!" In sales, customers often raise quite imaginative objections to your sales offer. Learn to distinguish between the different types of objections and develop a technique for responding to them

Closing a sale

Once you have overcome the customer's main objections, it is time to close the sale. Don't fail at the last stages of the sales cycle: closing the sale and signing the contract. This is the aim of this module

Making an effective sales call

Follow a young salesperson as she goes about her prospecting and sales calls, and see how to engage your contact in the first few seconds and how to structure your call to achieve your objectives using appropriate sales questioning techniques.

Using social styles in sales negotiations

Use social styles to help improve your sales negotiations with your customers. This module will help you to get important information by phrasing your questions effectively, ease any potential tension during a negotiation and steer your customers or prospects towards a favourable decision at the end of the meeting.


You need around 45 minutes to complete a module, however, if you only want to review a specific point, you can go to it directly and spend about 15 minutes on a single section.

Everything has been designed to make the training process easier allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Take a practical, rather than theoretical approach to the module
  • Play a part in your own training by completing role play exercises
  • Benefit from expert tips and advice
  • Check out what you have learned by completing a final assessment

You can learn at your own pace. You can review part of a module several times or ‘jump’ a section with a topic that you are already comfortable with.

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