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E-learning Package: Time Management

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Learn when, where and what you want!

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This e-learning package will allow you to pick up new skills in an easy to access and interactive format.

E-learning is very effective! There are animated case studies, exercises, documents you can complete and reuse. Finally, at the end of each module, you can complete an assessment which shows how you have progressed.

What will I learn?

By completing this e-learning package you will be able to: 

  • Plan your time
  • Define and plan your tasks and set your priorities on a daily or weekly basis
  • Use an activity monitoring chart and set yourself improvement objectives
  • Adopt techniques for improving your time management
  • Save time by managing your telephone calls more effectively
  • Save time and increase your productivity by managing your e-mails more efficiently

Programme overview

Planning your time

Learn to plan your days and save time! You will discover when and how you should plan and how to use weekly and daily plans effectively.

Prioritising and improving your time management

Do you have lots of projects on the go, but not enough time to complete them? You can and must make space in your schedule for these long-term plans! This module will help you to define and plan your tasks and set your priorities on a daily or weekly basis.

How do you use your time?

Do you feel like you're wasting your time? Do you spend too long on futile activities? Would you like to manage your time more effectively? Find out how you can use an activity monitoring chart to help you, and set yourself improvement objectives.

Applying effective time management strategies

This module will provide you with techniques for improving your time management. Using transactional analysis, identify your typical behaviour patterns and how they affect your relationship with time. Learn to say no and express requests for help.

Managing time stealers: telephone calls

Save time by managing your calls more effectively! You will learn how to stay in control of your calls by setting aside timeslots during which you are unavailable. You will also learn how to prepare your sales calls, making them quicker and more effective.

Managing time stealers: e-mail

Save time and increase your productivity by managing your e-mails more efficiently! Learn how to avoid "time consuming" pitfalls, plan when you are going to deal with your e-mails, file them methodically and write effective e-mails more quickly.


You need around 45 minutes to complete a module, however, if you only want to review a specific point, you can go to it directly and spend about 15 minutes on a single section.

Everything has been designed to make the training process easier allowing you to learn at your own pace.

  • Take a practical, rather than theoretical approach to the module
  • Play a part in your own training by completing role play exercises
  • Benefit from expert tips and advice
  • Check out what you have learned by completing a final assessment

You can learn at your own pace. You can review part of a module several times or ‘jump’ a section with a topic that you are already comfortable with.

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Price: £49

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