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Introduction to Company Accounts

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Course duration: 1 day.

The first of a series of three company accounts courses providing a solid understanding of the fundamentals of company accounts.

This intensive course introduces delegates to the contents of financial statements, their meaning and uses. It is the first in the series of three company accounts courses and provides a solid grounding of knowledge, essential before delegates can progress to analysing the information in company accounts. It is a highly practical course and delegates will prepare simple financial statements themselves to reinforce their learning.

Is it right for me?

Suitable for anyone who wants to gain a basic understanding of company accounts and who has had very little or no previous experience.

Something to consider: this course deals with financial accounting. If you are also interested in management accounting (budgeting, internal costs, etc), then you may want to consider as an alternative, one of the following two-day courses that cover both these areas:

For managers: Finance for Non Financial Managers

For office professionals: Making Sense of Finance

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the technical ‘jargon’ of company accounts.
  • Read and understand a set of company accounts.
  • Assess the effects of business activity on the balance sheet.

What will it cover?

The Financial Model

  • Understand the basic business model
  • What do we mean by capital? How is it invested in the business?
  • What every businessman wants to know: how am I doing? Have I got the cash to afford it?
  • How the financial statements provide the answers
  • Key fundamental concepts that accountants adhere to

The Profit and Loss Account

  • The structure of the profit and loss account; the information it contains
  • Understand what we can learn from the profit and loss account
  • Understanding the impact of depreciation
  • Case study example and real world formats

Balance Sheet

  • The anatomy of the balance sheet
  • Getting to grips with the terminology 
  • Historic cost and going concern principles
  • Recognising categories of fixed and current assets
  • How liabilities are categorised
  • Understand the types of capital employed in the business and how they are used to finance assets
  • Understanding what the balance sheet can tell us
  • Case study example and real world formats

Cash Flow Statements 

  • A brief introduction to the cash flow statement
  • The importance of cash to a business
  • The distinction between cash and profit
  • Case study: preparing a cash flow statement
  • Understanding working capital

Further courses to consider

Analysing Company Accounts

Effective Budgeting

Trainer Profile

Lindsey Byrne Lindsey Byrne

Delegates coming to this programme can be from many different areas of business (credit controllers, sales or procurement managers, people joining a finance department etc.) with many different needs (to read and understand the accounts of new or prospective customers, suppliers, for competitor analysis or simply an overview of financial reporting). 

If you need to read and understand financial statements; the profit and loss account, balance sheet and cash flow statement, this is the course for you! 

I demystify the structure and jargon of financial reporting leaving you with a firm practical understanding of how the accounts are compiled and what’s behind the numbers.  Many delegates choose to follow this course up with 'Analysing Company Accounts' to take their knowledge one step further.

Recent delegates have said: 

"Facilitator was excellent in dividing the course and made it very simple to understand."


Katie Day, Credit Assessor

Computacenter Limited

"Hemsley Fraser's 'Introduction to Company Accounts' gave me a strong foundation of knowledge. This knowledge not only helped me with other courses in this set but also helped me achieve a promotion at work. I am now a lot more confident. The learning styles within the day varied which meant that all the information was kept fresh and explained to suit individual needs. I would recommend this course to anyone as I think all would enjoy it... especially the bingo at the end!"

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