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Managing and Coaching your Customer Service Team

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Course duration: 2 days.

Managing a customer service team is becoming an increasingly demanding role. Customer service managers have to manage the team and each individual in the face of ever-increasing stressful situations, whilst at the same time ensuring that the team stays motivated.

This course is designed to equip individuals with the skills necessary to create, manage and maintain a productive, customer-focused climate. It addresses the requirement to manage the team and to provide coaching support for the individuals.

Is it right for me?

Suitable for customer service managers, supervisors and team leaders who are looking to develop themselves and their team members to deliver an excellent level of customer service that provides a superior experience for their customers.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand your role and responsibilities as a customer service manager.
  • Develop a customer-focused culture within your department.
  • Understand how to overcome communication barriers between team members and customers.
  • Handle difficult situations and people in an effective and friendly way.
  • Lead, manage and motivate the team to achieve higher standards of customer service.
  • Identify priorities in change to achieve ‘right first time’ customer service.
  • Identify the ‘when’ and ‘how to’ coaching opportunities to provide support for individuals to improve their performance.
  • Enhance the effectiveness and overall performance of the team in order to meet targets and achieve task orientated goals.

What will it cover?

The Manager as a Role Model 

  • Your role and responsibilities
  • Your impact on the team and the individuals, and their behaviour
  • Creating a customer-focused culture

Effective Communication

  • Overcoming barriers to get results
  • Being assertive in one-to-one and team communication
  • Managing and handling conflict and difficult situations

Motivating the Team and the Individual

  • Generating a team spirit
  • Providing support and recognition
  • Inspiring commitment to deliver a superior standard of customer service every day no matter what the situation

Understanding Customer Expectations

  • Identifying customer needs and issues
  • Managing complaints and reducing escalation
  • Achieving ‘right first time’ standards

Coaching for Improved Performance

  • When to manage and when to coach?
  • Setting performance standards and key performance measures
  • Reviewing performance against standards
  • Providing accurate and timely feedback
  • Tips and techniques for developing effective coaching skills

Personal Application Plan

  • What does the team expect from me tomorrow?
  • Planning for change


Caroline Writer, Senior Clinical Project Administrator


"I liked the interactive side of the course as well as the trainer training and talking to the team. Good variety."

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