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Supply Chain and Business Strategy

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Course duration: 2 days.

Through this workshop, you will examine the role of supply chain in business strategy.

The supply chain is a crucial component of almost every organisation, ensuring that goods and services are delivered on time and at the right quality and cost. You will look at the contribution that supply chain makes in your organisation and how it can contribute to overall success for your customers.

Is supply chain simply a cost of doing business or does it have a greater part to play? Well known organisations such as Dell and Zara have made the supply chain an essential component of their overall business strategy. In this workshop, you will consider the strategy for your own supply chain and the level at which it contributes, and should contribute, to your overall business goals.

Is it right for me?

This workshop is for anyone who has a role in determining supply chain strategy, or who engages with supply chain issues and development at a strategic level. You will create your own proposals for enhancing the supply chain and, through doing this, help serve your customers better and add value to your organisation at a strategic level.

What will I learn?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Analyse the contribution of the supply chain to business strategy and the value chain
  • Differentiate between those supply chain activities which are necessary for good operation and those that contribute to a winning strategy
  • Set the right mix of lean, agile and green supply chain principles to meet the strategic objectives of your organisation
  • Understand what ‘cost to serve’ analysis is and how it can identify sources of strategic value
  • Identify strategic supply chain partnerships
  • Align the supply chain with several of the most commonly used approaches to business strategy

Pre-course Activity

You will be asked to prepare some background information on your organisation’s supply chain (or a part of it):

  • Who your suppliers are and what they supply
  • How and where you receive goods from your suppliers
  • What you do with goods when they are received
  • How your customers order from you
  • How you get the goods to your suppliers

What will it cover?

Supply Chain Strategy

  • Supply chain maturity and contribution
  • Using the Treacy/Wiersema triangle
  • Common components of a supply chain strategy
  • Qualifiers and winners

The right Supply Chain for the business

  • Lean and efficient supply chains
  • Agile and responsive supply chains
  • Best of lean and green – decoupling points
  • From “lean” to “lean and green”

Value in our Supply Chain

  • ‘Cost to serve’ analysis
  • Identifying and developing strategic supply chain partnerships
  • Strategic outsourcing in the supply chain

Aligning and Developing Strategy

  • Business strategy and supply chain strategy
  • Identifying strategic opportunities in my organisation
  • Starting the supply chain strategic plan

Further courses to consider

Business Process Mapping

Trainer Profile

Patrick Ballin Patrick Ballin

Is “supply chain strategy” about how we run the strategy or about how we run the business?

As Global Head of Supply Chain Development for an international retailer, and subsequently a consultant and lecturer in the field, I’ve had to address this question with many senior managers. It turns out that it has to be something of both.

What I like about this workshop is that it allows us to start looking differently at our supply chain –to see it as a source of value and even advantage rather than a “necessary evil” – and to learn from the best in the business and the experience of the other participants.

I will help you to pick out the connections between your overall business strategy and what goes on in your supply chain, understand how organisations are tuning up their supply chains to get more out of them and do practical work towards development plans that will move your own supply chain strategy forward when you finish the course.

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