This course has been put together using the most cutting edge psychometric theories.

The learning will help you understand and overcome your challenges at work and promote working relationships with colleagues. The focus is on recognising and overcoming difficulties in communication especially in demanding circumstances and achieving the most productive relationships. Recognising and working around the peculiarities of others and building the insights to recognise potential pitfalls in the road. 

No matter what department you are in, if you are looking to unlock your potential and achieve maximum productivity with people, who seem to be wired differently to yourself, this course is designed to help you. It is about reaching a better understanding of how others are thinking, communicating and behaving. This course will furnish you with the reflective capabilities of decoding the confusing messages of others, clients or colleagues.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Take away your own Lumina Spark Portrait.
  • Recognise how to utilise your strengths and develop your weaknesses.
  • Work more effectively with the team around you.
  • Assess the relevant traits of those around you.
  • Build rapport with colleagues and clients of all levels.
  • Communicate with greater effect.
  • Get your point across and get listened to.
  • Improve your ability to cope with stress and time constraints

Before the workshop you will need to complete an on-line questionnaire in order that we can provide you with a report on your personality profile. This will take around 20 minutes and will need to be completed at least a week prior to your training course.

Psychological Exploration

  • Define your key traits and preferences
  • Map the correlation between personality style and behaviour
  • Identify your own strengths and identify how to overcome your development areas

Dispel the Limiting Myths about Yourself

  • Understand how you are coming across
  • Explore what you had perceived as weaknesses and understand how to recognise the strengths behind them
  • Give yourself a new lease of confidence and self-understanding

Assessing the Psychological Foot Print of Others

  • Translate behaviour into reason
  • Assess preferable mediums of communication and negotiation
  • Be more understanding of others
  • Work more effectively with people

Personal Development

  • Prepare a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace
  • These skills will be useful and interesting both inside and outside of work