On this one-day workshop, you will learn techniques and skills to enhance and expand your existing coaching knowledge.

Note: If you have limited coaching experience, we recommend that you participate in Coaching for Results prior to selecting this course.

Coaching is a proven method to unleash talent in changing business environments. It has the potential to unleash skills in individuals to be more effective. This course offers additional tools, feedback and practice in developing your coaching ability.

If you manage others, are responsible for their development and want to expand your coaching skills and knowledge then this course will give you additional tools and experience.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the coach as a developer of others.
  • Make use of coaching models to structure and make your coaching conversations more effective.
  • Understand and practise the skills and ethics involved with being a good coach.
  • Use a variety of coaching styles to adapt your coaching to any situation.
  • Use day-to-day work activities as an opportunity to coach and raise standards.
  • Inspire your learner by agreeing motivational coaching outcomes.
  • Conduct coaching sessions as well as coaching conversations.
  • Assess your effectiveness as a coach.

Why Coaching Is an Effective Development Tool

  • Understanding how adults learn
  • Learning about motivation preferences
  • How beliefs and personality shape learning styles and development

Developing More Rapport with Individuals

  • Understanding non-verbal signals
  • Being able to interpret body language more effectively
  • Building further rapport through body language
  • Gaining better understanding of the individual’s point of view by developing your empathy

Additional Coaching Tools and Techniques

  • Learning and using additional coaching tools and techniques
  • Learning how to have short coaching conversations as well as full coaching sessions
  • Understanding the potential of using coaching in the development of individuals in the workplace

Coaching Practice Sessions

  • Using a real life work situation to practise as a coach
  • Receiving supportive feedback on your coaching skills through an observer and observing coaching practices
  • Gaining experience of being a coachee
  • Further practice on a real coaching situation

Co-Coaching Session

  • Participation in a co-coaching session, sharing best practice and potential challenges
  • Learning how to develop further your coaching skills and experience