A one-day interactive and practical workshop aimed at exporting companies and freight forwarders who regularly receive or handle letters of credit.

The training is delivered by an experienced trade finance professional who will provide you with an insight into bank procedures, techniques for negotiating reduced fees and an understanding of how to set up workable letters of credit from the outset.
Case-study based, enabling lots of opportunity for practice and sharing experiences, this course is an opportunity to see letters of credit challenges in a new light. The workshop assumes a basic working knowledge of letters of credit and will help exporters and freight forwarders to gain a deeper understanding of current hot topics from the world of trade finance and the application of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) rules UCP 600.

All delegates will receive complimentary copies of the ICC ‘rules’ UCP 600.

The workshop is suitable for:

  • Experienced export sales executives, finance teams, export managers, shipping and administrators who need a refresher and / or an update.
  • Those who have attended our 'The Essential Guide to Letters of Credit for Exporters' course who would like an in-depth, practical follow-up

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the forms and types of letters of credit.
  • Devise a formula to influence the letter of credit content.
  • Understand UCP 600 rules published by the ICC and how they affect your letter of credit performance.
  • Identify the key information required by banks under international and regulatory compliance rules.

Current Regulatory Issues Facing Banks and How They Affect International Traders

Documentary Letters of Credit – Introductory Refresher 

The Letter of Credit Cycle

Negotiating Terms with Overseas Customers

Common Problems and Discrepancies

Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600)

  • A comprehensive guide to the key articles
  • International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP)
  • ICC opinions
  • Case studies and exercises

Mitigating Bank and Country Risk – Letters of Credit Confirmation

Variations of Credit

  • Transferable
  • Back-to-Back
  • Standby

Developing a Strategy for Managing Letters of Credit

  • Getting things right from the start - obtaining a workable letter of credit
  • Reviewing letters of credit upon receipt
  • Avoiding the need for amendments and discrepand documents
  • Hints and tips for dealing with the banks
  • Understanding the costs - how to negotiate reduced bank fees

Letters of Credit Exercises 

  • Current examples and issues
  • Checking the letter of credit upon receipt
  • Identifying and reducing discrepancies
  • Calculating the costs and how to manage them

Using Letters of Credit to Finance Transactions

  • Understanding an exporter's trade cycle
  • Discounting and negotiation