At a senior level, the ability to negotiate is essential to achieve your desired goals and build strong partnerships. This course will help you to understand the neuroscience behind our negotiating behaviours and our natural evolutionary responses to being in opposition, threat and perceived unfairness. This will free you up to take a more detached stance, fully explore what is available and make integrative agreements that lead to a more profitable outcome for all parties.  
Throughout this virtual course, you will participate in negotiations, review input and outcomes with other participants and work with the facilitator to evaluate your performance and how it can impact on your negotiation partners. You will develop strategies to identify differing negotiation styles and motivate recipients towards your desired outcome. The focus will be on personal effectiveness in the negotiation arena and be grounded through detailed practice and feedback sessions.

This course is for anyone whose role requires higher-level negotiation skills and wants to broaden their existing skillset.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Select the most appropriate approach when negotiating across a range of issues and with a range of parties
  • Describe a process for thorough planning and preparation in advance of negotiations
  • Design a robust negotiation process that works for you
  • Define the importance of your own style and behaviour when negotiating
  • Manage emotion and apply a win: win mindset to achieve better results for both parties
  • Use the appropriate communication approach when negotiating at all levels
  • Respond confidently to challenging negotiation situations

To gain the maximum benefit from the workshop, you will be sent an activity to complete which asks you to consider current expectations and challenges. You will also see two short negotiation videos to review the impact of the styles.  Both tasks will set the context of the sessions and will be used in the session activities.

  • Identifying your style and personality preferences, and those of others

Developing Negotiation Behaviours 

  • Transactional, collaborative and creative negotiations
  • Analysing your communication style
  • Flexing your communication style to motivate others towards a win-win outcome
  • Building relationships and gaining cooperation from others
  • Using non-verbal communication to build rapport to influence viewpoints

The Neuroscience, Biology and Psychology of Stressful Negotiations

  • The biology and psychology of the decision-making process
  • Our naturally evolved responses to negotiations and overriding our initial reactions
  • Practising detached and objective negotiation based on collaborative collective problem solving 
  • Managing the problem, not the person
  • Breaking habitual behaviours to reap the benefits in stressful situations

Eight-Step Approach to Workplace Negotiations

  • An easy to apply process that promotes confidence and professionalism
  • How to adapt the process to the situation and climate
  • Identifying value and assessing your strategy for risks
  • How to motivate other parties and move towards a win-win outcome

Skills Practice and Case Studies

  • Researched and developed case studies that allow learners to apply techniques
  • Safe supportive skills practice using a real-life work-based situation