Let’s be frank, there’s not much point in a project or programme being on time and on budget if it fails to deliver the expected benefits for the business. If the benefits are not realised, then some of the original investment has been wasted and that’s a major problem for any business. This workshop will therefore confirm how best to deliver full benefits realisation on a repeat basis and will provide you with a concise handbook for future reference – including a ‘health check’ assessment for ongoing use. 

This workshop will help you deliver the expected benefits of the projects you sponsor. If you’ve noticed that too many of the programmes you oversee fall short in realising the full range of benefits to your organisation, then this interactive briefing is for you and will give you key skills to make project benefits happen.

This workshop has been developed for middle and senior managers who will be held directly accountable for the delivery of key benefits to the organisation from the projects and programmes they are overseeing.  

Busy senior managers can gain a practical appreciation of the programme / project sponsor’s expected involvement in benefits realisation and share experiences with like-minded individuals. No formal programme or project qualifications are required, although it is assumed that delegates will have some familiarity with a programme or project management environment.

By the end of the briefing, delegates will:

  • Recognise the most common causes of poor benefits realisation
  • Know how best to ensure expected benefits are effectively identified, defined, planned, tracked, realised and reported
  • Appreciate the roles and responsibilities required to support benefits realisation
  • Recognise the potentially critical part that handover and integration often plays in delivering strong project benefits
  • Understand the expected actions of a programme/project sponsor in terms of realising benefits 
  • Be able to use a ‘health check’ tool to assess the effectiveness of involvement in benefits realisation  

Why Benefits Realisation Too Often Fails

  • The problem with business cases
  • The challenges with roles and responsibilities
  • Careful planning – too often overlooked?
  • Ongoing assessment – a stage gate omission?
  • Handover and integration – the quiet killer?

What Is It You Need to Oversee?

  • Is there a disciplined process or procedure?
  • Approval of the benefits management plan 
  • The benefits plan - realisation and reporting

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Your role in making benefits happen
  • Benefits owners and their value-add
  • Business change manager – a game changer?
  • Benefits (realisation) manager and reporting
  • The project manager – always the right choice?

Benefits Identification and Definition

  • Are dis-benefits being equally considered?
  • The benefits discovery workshop
  • The business case and verification

Benefits and the Project Delivery Phase

  • The need for review and re-assessment
  • Stage gate reporting

Handover and Integration

  • Could this be a key weak spot?
  • Who should be in control here?

Tracking, Measurement and Reporting

  • Is this the project manager’s role?
  • The value of the benefits plan
  • What to expect from a benefits realisation review