The very best teams have energy, passion and that extra ingredient to dynamically and positively impact results. 

Chilli peppers have the same impact within the culinary world – they are the difference that makes the difference to a recipe. We have brought these two things together to create a unique workshop designed around developing your team and the collaboration within it. 

This one day experience typically takes place in Bedfordshire, with groups of 6 to 25 people.

Any team or group wanting to gain a unique insight into team development and dynamics whilst having great fun with the colourful and tasty world of chilli peppers.

Through the various chilli activities, you will learn:

  • Questioning and Listening (including non-verbal communication), use of open questions to understand outcomes and perceptions of others while tasting peppers.
  • Persuading and Influencing – Designing a chilli product and determining customer needs and preferences.
  • Behaviour and Pattern Awareness – How others take in information and the filters they have in place. How you can flex your style during a persuading and influencing exercise.
  • Outcome Thinking and Planning – Team exercise to solve a pepper problem.
  • Feedback – Giving and receiving feedback about a pepper.


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