Video is an undeniably engaging way to communicate in the digital age. Creating video couldn’t be easier either, thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone and tablet. But what kind of video are you going to make? And will people want to watch it?

Through a series of logical discussions and exercises this one-day course will put the power of video in your hands. Whether you favour an Apple device or an Android, you’ll learn how to capture video competently and edit the results together coherently.

No previous experience is required. This course starts from scratch and by doing so is able to map out a clear route to crisp, engaging video. Bringing your own smartphone or tablet is encouraged. Apple devices can be preloaded with iMovie (free) while android devices should take advantage of either the native in-built editing app, PowerDirector or KineMaster. iPads can be supplied to those without a device, or indeed those with some experience who want to explore Apple’s advanced editing app.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the variety of video structures
  • Appreciate the power of stories – and how to spot the good ones
  • Create videos for training
  • Harness the power of your stories using everyday video
  • Getting the most out of your smartphone and tablet camera
  • Mastering your preferred smartphone or tablet editing app
  • How to film great shots ‘for the edit’
  • How to effectively film people chatting
  • Writing and recording engaging voiceover
  • Weaving all the different elements together into stories
  • Sharing your videos with the world


Working in partnership with Video Elevator