This is a practical ‘learning by doing’ workshop. It will re-connect participants with a way of thinking that came naturally to most as children but which has been, in the main, suppressed by the public educational establishment (ie. "stop drawing! concentrate!").

A language is best learnt by learning the basics and using it in an immersive environment. The notion of visual language is a relatively new one but it is gaining traction. If it exists it is evolving before our eyes, literally, because we live in a society that – to a greater or lesser degree – ‘speaks visual’. Therefore, the key purpose of this taster is to get people to recognise and gain confidence from their existing competency in ‘speaking visual’ whilst learning more from the immersive environment they find themselves in.

If you find yourself looking out of the window during Powerpoints, doodling in meetings, day-dreaming when you should be reading that 45 page strategy document, explaining things with your finger on the table top, propounding the reasons why England should play with a 4-1-3-2 formation on a beer mat, etc. then this workshop is probably for you.

In the taster workshop you will learn:

  • How to visually express ideas meaningfully with Simple Live Graphics
  • How to improve your ability to express ideas visually
  • What to do when your ideas outstrip your existing competence
  • How to combine graphics together to enhance meaning
  • Some of the possible applications of Simple Live Graphics in your work.

It would be helpful for participants to start to collect materials to bring to the workshop – particularly marker pens. Pens you like to use. Pens your kids use. Pens the workplace provides. Pens you have seen in the store and would like to try.

In a sense it will cover most basic elements of visual language (shapes, symbols, signs etc.) as well as some of the basic ‘grammar’.