Create captivating and engaging marketing communications campaigns that demand potential customers take action. This course provides a structured approach to planning, designing and implementing short-term marketing communications campaigns. You’ll learn how to set objectives, build compelling propositions and use the right media in the appropriate way.

If you are responsible for marketing communications campaigns, this course is for you. It is also suitable for those who have worked in marketing for a while and need a refresher on the core principles or an integrated approach on how to use a combination of the right tools.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Appreciate available marketing platforms and their benefits.
  • Understand and contextualise the key aspects of marketing communications planning (objectives, customer touchpoints, project management).
  • Build a creative marketing campaign/plan.
    • Learn how to deploy owned media – websites, content, social media
    • Learn how to maximise earned media – PR, talks, events, awards, case studies, testimonials
    • Learn how to use paid media – advertising
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns.
Key aspects of campaign planning
  • Know your customer (needs/desires)
  • Objectives and campaign planning
  • The right project management tools and approaches
  • Creating a campaign brief
  • Owned vs. earned vs. paid assets
Creating a home on the web 
  • Why do you need a home on the web? 
  • Creative, look & feel
  • Content / UX / Customer journey
  • Landing pages and funnels
Content – material that inspires people to action
  • Five topics you must create content around
  • Adopting an integrated approach
  • Creating time specific marketing plans
  • Creative long form content
  • Supporting uptake with blogging, video, email, direct and more 
  • Software recommendations
Making the most of social media 
  • Ways to get strategic with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (examples)
  • Ways to use Twitter and Facebook to deliver effective customer service (examples)
  • Prospecting and positioning on Linkedin (examples)
  • Dealing with negative comments or difficult situations
Using the power of the media, awards and other ‘third party accreditation’ for promotional purposes
  • Maximising news and media
  • Winning awards
  • Giving talks/seminars
  • Participating in other events
  • Reviews, case studies and testimonials
Using advertising to reach more people with your messages
  • Search engine pay per click 
  • Social media sponsored and boosted promotion
  • Online display
  • Text ads 
  • Remarketing
  • Press and outdoor
Creating an effective marketing campaign 
  • Creating the control document
  • Critical assets 
  • Engaging people
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Timings and budgets
  • KPIs and measurement