This course demonstrates how to complete the appropriate paperwork, follow the correct procedures and present the evidence to bring about a successful claim.

Once all other avenues have been exhausted, the final option to recover a debt may be by suing the customer. This highly practical course equips delegates to process a claim through the County Court without the use of a solicitor.

Suitable for anyone wishing to recover trade debts by processing claims through the courts themselves without using a solicitor.

The ‘Do It Yourself’ Approach

  • When is it appropriate to pursue your own claims?
  • What is the impact on the credit department?
  • How it affects your relationship with customers
  • Check you are making the right decision to sue

The Legal Framework

  • Understand the essential legal principles
  • Be familiar with the legal jargon
  • The court system
  • Background to the Civil Procedures rules

Step by step Through the Court Process

  • Pre-action protocols
  • Issuing proceedings
  • Claiming interest on the debt
  • Serving the claim form
  • How and when can you proceed against a defendant outside England and Wales
  • Obtaining judgment
  • Setting aside default judgments
  • Allocation: small claims track, fast track and multi track

Enforcing a Judgment

  • Using an order to obtain information from judgment debtors
  • Sending in the bailiffs
  • Attachment of earnings
  • Third party debt order
  • Charging orders

Practical Application

  • Learn how to complete the paperwork
  • Understand the timescales involved
  • Know the costs involved
  • Ensure you are properly prepared at every stage