In today’s competitive marketplace the manager who can provide continual development for their staff stands head and shoulders above the rest. This one-day course will give you practical advice on how best to create an environment conducive to development for your staff. In exchange you will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of those around you and your team.

This intensive and participative one-day course will provide you with the knowledge, skills and techniques to become an exceptional developer of others. It will highlight current up-to-date approaches to help you develop your staff.

This course is suitable for anyone who manages others and is enthusiastic about the continued development of their staff. The course is designed to help you play an active role in their growth within the workplace and gives you the skills and ability to increase their future potential. If you want to encourage learning and development in the workplace this course is for you.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Use simple techniques to analyse staff development needs.
  • Identify competency gaps and devise development and training plans.
  • Demonstrate how to address both personal and job-related learning needs.
  • Explain how to develop and motivate four “types of performer” using a motivational matrix.
  • Monitor development results and conduct motivational review meetings.
  • Employ a range of feedback skills to stimulate staff thinking and learning.
  • Employ a coaching style of leadership to enhance staff confidence and accelerate learning.

Developing Talent - the Essential Skills for Survival

  • Why is the development of others a critical business skill for managers?
  • Understanding the benefits and pitfalls of development

Performance Analysis and Performance Gaps

  • Recognise positive and negative critical incidents
  • Assess development needs through the use of skills, knowledge and behaviours to focus learning
  • Using techniques such as SWOT, team self-assessment and job skills matrix
  • How to agree motivational development plans
  • The measurement of learning outcomes

Creating the Environment where Others Can Grow

  • The qualities and skills of an effective developer
  • Excite and motivate the willing and not so willing learner
  • Identify and create development opportunities within the team
  • Encourage peer review and shared learning

Essential Skills for Developing Others

  • The motivational performance review
  • Inspiring feedback conversations that get results
  • Objective setting to assist personal development

Coaching as a Development Tool

  • A review of the key steps to effective coaching
  • How to lead a successful coaching session
  • Assisting your staff to identify their own learning
  • Creating the conditions so staff resolve their own problems