Are your projects too often over budget? Do you lack control over resource usage? This course will provide you with some key skills to embed a project management method which boosts your projects’ performance. You will look at the effectiveness of your organisation’s overall approach to projects and programmes. 

It is quite likely that you will need to re-assess your current approach and possibly introduce a new methodology across your department, division or possibly the whole organisation. The challenge, however, is knowing which method to embed and how to plan and implement what is likely to prove to be a complex piece of work.
This workshop is designed to discuss and address all these challenges and to provide you with a cost-effective route map to improved project performance.

This course is suited to all those who either need to consider how best to go about improving the performance of projects and programmes in an organisation, or those who will be involved in the implementation of such an initiative and need to understand how best to approach it. This multi-disciplinary group could include: 

•    Any role that will need to recommend to senior management how best to approach achieving project and programme improvement •    Senior Responsible Owners (SROs), programme sponsors and programme managers
•    Project board members, project sponsors and project managers
•    Senior members of Enterprise Project Management Offices (EPMOs) and project support offices
•    Business change managers 
•    Other change management professionals


By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

•    Recognise the signs that you need some form of agreed method in place
•    Understand the options open to you
•    Ensure any solution is strategically aligned
•    Decide whether a project support office should be in place
•    Appreciate how to plan and implement such an initiative successfully
•    Recommend a solution with conviction to senior management


Common Failings That Typically Need Addressing
•    The signs that embedding a method needs to be considered
•    Is implementing a method really the answer?
•    What are the alternatives?
•    What are the costs?
•    The potential benefits that can be realised

Consider the Strategic Position First 
•    Is there a willingness to act?
•    What will such an initiative involve and are we up for it?
•    Why the ‘big picture’ needs to be examined first
•    Do we understand the nature of the challenge?
•    The need for prioritisation
•    Do we really need consultants?

Assess the Options
•    Is a complex maturity analysis necessary?
•    Training needs analysis or health check?
•    Competency assessments – are they worth undertaking?
•    Can a ‘quick and dirty’ approach ever be justified?
•    How much complexity up front?
•    Do we need quick wins?
•    Must we have a project support office?

Big Bang or Incremental Change?
•    The advantages and disadvantages of each approach
•    Is it normally best one way or the other?

Selecting a Method
•    What is a method and do we really need one?
•    PRINCE2® / PRINCE2 Agile® / Agile PM – is that the choice?
•    Are other methods worth considering?
•    Is it worth developing my own method?

What Should an Effective Method Contain?
•    Must we have agreed processes and procedures?
•    How prescriptive do we need to be?
•    The case for ‘soft skills’ training
•    Roles and responsibilities
•    How to make project sponsorship work within a flat management structure
•    Do methods need software applications in support?

Planning the Improvements – Is This a Project or Programme? 
•    How not to approach the challenge
•    Does this need to be a long-term piece of work at a high cost?
•    The common constraints that need consideration

Implementing and Embedding the Improvements
•    Up-skilling, training and coaching 
•    Do sponsors need support?
•    How to measure the required improvements

How to Avoid Failure of the Initiative
•    The reasons so many initiatives fail to some degree or other
•    What success should look like