This programme has been created by a senior team of academics, commercial leaders and consultants to provide executives, managers and staff in large organisations with an introduction to the fundamentals of digital. It is designed to shift your mindset towards understanding what's now possible from digital.

How should I use the programme?

The programme is intended to excite and enthuse the learner to get familiar with digital. It’s delivered in the form of a playlist of bite-sized components so learners can tailor into personalised collections to meet individual learning preferences.

Learners can navigate through the material as required. Touring through Level 1 into Level 2 and deeper is one route. Selecting a theme (e.g. Transformation) is another route. The choice is for the learner.

Suitable for all executives, managers and staff in large organisations with little or no digital or technology training. Fundamentally the programme is for business staff on the receiving end of new technologies rather than technologists. The programme draws on many case studies and practical illustrations to make it highly relevant for learners from large organisations.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand how digital developments have disrupted the global market place.
  • Understand the fundamentals and opportunities offered by the new digital technologies.
  • Understand the guiding principles required to successfully transform business in the new digital economy.
  • Begin to understand how to apply digital principles in your workplace.
  • Develop at least one innovative idea to share in your business.
  • Understand how to build your own digital learning journey.

Level 1 - Core modules

1. Digital – a major disruption.

2. The power of digitisation.

3. Moore’s Law and technology waves.

4. Perspectives on digital.

5. Digital myths and realities.

6. Digital disruption – what happens next?

7. Digital in practice – the example of agriculture.

8. Big data.

9. Barriers to embracing digital transformation.

10. Essential ingredients for digital success.

11. What digital transformation is and is not.

12. Digital transformation as a learning journey.

13. Summary and conclusions.

Level 2 - Fluidbooks

1. Digital essentials – focus on the key digital technologies and the ways in which digital disruption is taking place.

2. Digital transformation and leadership – focus on how organisations approach digital transformation and implications for leaders.

Level 3 – Featured topics

  1. Case studies supplementing Level 1 and Level 2 materials.

Level 4 – Links to third party materials

  1. External links supplementing Level 1 and Level 2 materials.


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