Over three 90-minute modules, this programme will help you create an environment of trust, empowerment, understanding and inclusion in your team, so you and your team can perform at their best and achieve their potential.

This programme is for anyone who is part of or leads a remote/distributed team that spans global cultural boundaries. If you wish to be part of a high-performing team whilst working remotely, this programme is for you.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Develop personal and team actions that can positively impact the effectiveness of your team
  • Build awareness and take actions to lead distributed teams effectively and address the pain points identified (managers and leaders only)

Module 1: Introduction to the programme

  • What distributed team effectiveness is all about
  • An overview of distributed team effectiveness
  • Establishing personal objectives
  • Setting a mindset for development
  • Getting ready for peer coaching

Module 2: Distributed team effectiveness

The four crucial elements of distributed team effectiveness and why they matter to growing a team's capability:

  • Focus
  • Process
  • Flow
  • Climate

Module 3: Leading distributed teams

  • Define effective distributed leadership and management behaviours and when to apply them
  • Understand different social styles and how this impacts communication in a remote team
  • Know what actions to take to develop a high performing distributed team
  • Challenge perceptions to enable you to become a more effective leader
  • Practise applying a leadership framework to develop your team’s effectiveness