The Gallup World Poll 2016 showed that only 8% of UK employees were engaged at work. Diversity and inclusion are key ingredients that promote engagement, increase productivity, and promote retention.

‘Diversity and Inclusion’ is a course aimed at giving organisations a competitive edge through their people in highly challenging markets.

Based on the latest behavioural science, the course follows a journey focused on the individual, walking through what diversity means personally and in the context of others. We explore the power and importance of diversity in organisations and teams in relation to body chemistry, protected characteristics, skills, knowledge, and experience.

Understanding diversity is critical to promoting inclusion. With that understanding, we explore how, as individuals, one can personally expand inclusion in both our home and work lives.

This course is pertinent to every employee, whether senior managers, middle managers, or operational staff. It can support a wider project aimed at creating an inclusive organisational culture. Delegates will have a clear course to steer back at work through the development of their personal action plan.

This course provides a safe journey at the individual level. It is right for any employee of whatever level in any organisation or team because it is unique to that person. It is ideal for you if you want to comfortably build your confidence in diversity and make an immediate inclusive impact at work, in your team, department, or organisation.

This course is also a suitable tool that will support a wider organisational project aimed at creating an inclusive culture. Senior managers may wish to use this course to demonstrate internally or externally their and the organisation’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. It significantly improves individual understanding of their own diversity, its complexities in life, and gives them the knowledge and confidence to apply inclusive activities.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe your own diversity and that of others.
  • Identify the role that body chemistry and neuroscience play in diversity and inclusion.
  • Explain unconscious bias and other self-limitations that cause exclusion, and how to personally overcome them to promote a culture of inclusion.
  • Learn how to deal with challenging conversations.
  • Appreciate the significant benefits of having diverse people in your team and workplace.
  • Develop your own action plan to promote inclusion, wherever you are!

Prepare yourself to be personally amazed in a safe environment at the positive new insights that you will discover about yourself; how you will free yourself up to become truly inclusive and alive. There is no other preparatory pre-course activity.

Creating a Common Understanding of Diversity

  • Exploring diversity in the context of nature and nurture
  • What the Equality Act 2010 says about diversity and protected characteristics
  • How to create the optimum diverse team to achieve outstanding performance and increased productivity

Dealing with Self-limiting Behaviour that Impedes Diversity and Inclusion

  • First-hand experience of your unconscious bias and how to mitigate its negative effects to improve judgment and decision-making
  • Three intrinsic fears we all experience, and how to recognise and overcome them.

Brain Chemistry

  • Types of brain chemistry and associated personality that can help accommodate diversity and promote inclusion
  • Self-modification of personal body chemistry to positively change behaviour, feelings, and confidence in creating an inclusive culture
  • Five key neuroscience based activities that promote inclusion in diverse teams and organisations.

Creating Plans for the Workplace

  • Inclusion and other techniques that give structure to effectively deal with challenging conversations
  • Creation of an achievable, personal action-plan that can be applied immediately in the workplace and socially to promote inclusion in diverse organisations