Business decision making and practical problem solving represent two of the most important of all managerial and leadership activities. If you can make timely, well-considered and informed decisions, this will enable you, your team, project or organisation to perform better, quicker and more consistently.

This highly practical course looks how to master the tools and techniques to make better decisions and solve problems more efficiently and effectively.

This course is suitable for any managers, leaders, or business professionals who want to:

  • Increase their performance with effective problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Prevent silo working and encourage creativity
  • Accelerate the decision-making process
  • Develop a consistent approach to problem-solving
  • Avoid wasting money and time on projects that won’t deliver

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of whole brain thinking.
  • Recognise how personality style influences decision making.
  • Have a clear framework for decision making.
  • Be aware of the relationship between decision making and problem solving.
  • Use a unified model for both making decisions and solving problems.
  • Have sharpened up your creative skills.
  • Increase collaboration across teams when problem solving and decision making.
  • Be in a position to chart a way forwards for improving your thinking across the board.

Participants will be requested to bring with them details of current work-related problems, challenges and decisions they are facing. These can be used during the training and add relevance and realism.

The Principles and Psychology of Making Good Workplace Decisions 

  • Review of examples from participants' pre-course activity
  • Key principles of effective decision making and problem solving
  • The effect of personality values, beliefs, timing and cognitive bias on decision making and problem solving approaches
  • Using a team approach to encourage structured and lateral thinking

Decision Making: The Cognitive Process and Whole Brain Thinking

  • Split brain theory to make informed and balanced decisions
  • The model of lateral (right brain) thinking and how to tap your inner creativity
  • The skill of critical thinking in problem solving and decision support
  • Applications, examples and case studies: recruitment, budget forecast, project approval, falling performance or results.

Creating Continuous Improvement and Everyday Decisions

  • Three best-practice technical models for minor problem-solving and quality improvement
  • Managing an improvement process with a team or group
  • The ‘practical pessimist’ model for reducing risk and chance of errors

Ten Steps to Making Better Decisions, Faster with More Certainty

  • Five causes of poor decision making and five factors that will improve your and others decision making
  • How to present your decision and proposals to managers and others.
  • Practical application exercise and case-studies based on participants own examples.

Problem-Solving for Major Projects and Change 

  • Learning from the genius of Einstein 
  • The Disney creative thinking strategy
  • The ‘Six Thinking Hats’ in a team or group environment – learning exercise

Learning Summary and Action Plan

  • Apply the key learning points from the course to their own work 
  • Create a back to work action plan