This course is focused on the important management skill of delegating effectively. You will have the opportunity to practice delegating one of your own tasks in a safe and supportive environment, following a comprehensive five-stage structure that covers: identifying tasks to delegate, who to delegate to and why, how to brief in a task monitoring progress and giving feedback upon completion. You will leave with a clear plan for delegating a specific task from your own to-do list to a named individual.

This course is suitable for people with management responsibility who would like to practise how to use effective delegation as a tool to facilitate their own time management and to develop and motivate others.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify tasks that can and can’t be delegated
  • Select an appropriate person to delegate to, based on competence and commitment
  • Analyse the task and the individual to choose the right approach to delegation
  • Set a clear objective for a task to be delegated
  • Carry out an effective briefing conversation, using four simple steps
  • Implement an appropriate monitoring system
  • Deliver motivational and constructive feedback upon completion of a task