Emotions shape all human interactions and are particularly important in sales because of the need to engage, understand and motivate customers.

Emotional Intelligence helps sales professionals to become authentic in their conversations with clients and create positive relationships. Research by Gallup consultants Benson Smith and Tony Rutigliano shows that customer satisfaction and future business is based on an emotional connection with the salesperson. Customers who like their salesperson are twelve times more likely to continue to purchase. 

This two-day course introduces the emotionally intelligent approach to selling and helps sales people not only understand their own emotions and become more self-aware, but also develop skills in recognising emotions in others and how to adapt their own approach to build better, stronger and more lasting relationships with customers that generate greater profit and sales.

Suitable for all level of sales people, from novice to sales manager.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the theory behind emotional intelligence and how it impacts our daily lives.
  • Recognise your own emotions and manage stressful situations effectively.
  • Develop personal resilience and manage your own emotions.
  • Recognise emotions in others and the impact of not being emotionally self-aware.
  • Build strong relationships with clients using Emotional Intelligence, and control the sales situation.
  • Say ‘no’ to a customer and still get the sale.

What are Emotions and the Neuroscience Behind Emotional Control

  • The history of emotional intelligence and why is it so important
  • The physiology of emotions and what happens in our brains when we become emotional
  • The evolution of relationships and how to master them

How to Recognise and Manage Your Own Emotions

  • What happens when you are under pressure and how to recognise emotions in yourself
  • The impact your emotions have on the way you behave
  • Tools to build resilience to manage your emotions during difficult/stressful times

Recognising Emotions in Others and Understanding their Root Cause

  • How to engage with others at an emotional level to build relationships
  • How to manage emotions during the sales process and the impact this can have
  • The power of empathy and working with others

The Power of Emotional Language in a Sales Call

  • Understanding it’s not what you say but how you say it that has impact
  • Using powerful language to influence decision making
  • The power of no when closing and how to manage a sales meeting