This workshop provides leaders and managers with key knowledge and practical tools to promote outstanding employee engagement within their organisation through individual and team motivation.

We enable leaders and managers to get a firm grasp on deploying the latest developments in employee engagement. We explore people engagement issues that are commonly encountered  and develop the practical leadership and management skills needed, including the latest findings from neuroscience, to positively impact performance. 

This workshop is for those who have experience leading and managing others.  

This course explores the issues leaders and managers are facing with creating an engaged workforce. It enables them to develop bespoke interjections that they can use to motivate individuals and develop focused teams aimed at achieving organisational performance outcomes. You will learn the skills, knowledge and aptitude based on the latest research to become highly effective in your engagement with people and teams.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the latest national initiatives and opportunities on employee engagement, how to be involved and the benefits to your organisation.
  • Develop and apply a strategic approach to employee engagement.
  • Implement personal approaches that enable you to be a highly engaged leader and manager.
  • Practical engagement tools that you can use to identify underperforming individuals symptoms and improve team performance.

Employee Engagement – a Strategic Perspective

  • Overview of the national employee engagement movement, the latest developments and how your organisation can benefit
  • Development of a common understanding of ‘Employee Engagement’
  • The development of an employee engagement business case
  • How to develop and consider the strategic narrative and use it effectively

Become a Highly Engaged Leader and Manager

  • A look at what is holding you back as a leader and manager
  • Tools you can use to be excellent at engagement

Create the Right Environment

  • How to create the right environment within which employees can thrive
  • Issues that inhibit effective engagement and how to overcome them
  • How to create a team where trust and openness thrive

Employee Voice

  • Lessons from neuroscience and how to use them to great effect
  • Development of approaches that you can use immediately to improve individual and team performance
  • How to develop effective communication within your team