This workshop provides leaders and managers with key knowledge and practical tools to promote outstanding employee engagement within their organisation.

You will learn why engagement is important, how to understand and leverage the main drivers, and how to identify the signs of engagement and disengagement in your people. You will have the opportunity to consider day-to-day practices at an organisational and team level, and the influence they can have on engagement. You will then go on to take a practical approach to creating the climate for high engagement across the organisation and within your own team.

This session is suitable for anyone who would like to understand how to increase employee engagement across their organisation or within their own team.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define employee engagement and why it is important
  • Assess levels of engagement in your own team
  • Create the right environment for employees to thrive and flourish
  • Implement personal approaches to become a highly engaged leader​
  • The differences between engagement, satisfaction and happiness
  • Evaluating your own level of engagement and what it is influenced by
  • Understanding why engagement matters – for individuals and teams
  • Developing a business case for employee engagement
  • How to identify high and low levels of engagement
  • Issues that inhibit effective engagement and how to overcome them
  • Pinpointing the organisational practices that have the most impact on engagement
  • The link between management practice and individual engagement
  • Development of leadership approaches to improve individual and team engagement
  • Encouraging employees to accept some responsibility for increasing their own engagement levels