Similar to our espresso learning, our Frappuccino sessions are short and fast-paced shots of learning, but with an outdoor bias. Making use of experiential outdoor learning challenges, Frappuccino sessions are highly memorable and engaging learning experiences.

If you are looking for short training sessions, that are truly memorable and can have immediate impact, try Frappuccino.

Equipment: Camera on phones and umbrellas (just in case)

What’s a team? (30 minutes)

  • What makes a high performing team?
  • Team dynamics/team roles
  • Team roles quiz

Team Building Treasure Hunt (1–1.5 hours)

A fast-paced team building treasure hunt game, centred around the Hyde Park area of London. This fun activity is designed to bring team building situations to life and to provide opportunities to test, refine and optimise team effectiveness.

Reflection and Review (30 minutes)

Agreed takeaways and next steps.

Location: Hyde Park and surrounding area