This interactive and insightful workshop provides a sound foundation to the skills and qualities needed to turn opportunities into results, equipping you with the essential knowledge and understanding required to kick-start a successful career in sales. The techniques and theories can be applied to face-to-face meetings, virtual interactions, telephone conversations and written communications.

The workshop is designed to challenge your thinking and requires you to operate from the client or customers perspective – why should they engage with or buy from you? Elements of sales psychology will help you to understand why your customers react as they do, and how to respond appropriately to build relationships that are more rewarding.

On return to the workplace, you will have a sales framework on which to apply your personality, communication style and relevant organisational processes.

Suitable for new and existing sales people with little or no formal training.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Apply a framework to adapt and tailor the sales conversation and make the most of opportunities
  • Review and enhance the value of your product or service from the client/customer perspective
  • Use problem-solving techniques to overcome objections
  • Identifying primary buying motivations and reviewing what your product/service offers to your potential customers
  • Creating powerful influencing statements
  • An introduction to sales psychology and the benefits to you and the client/customer.
  • Identify how body language changes when using technology to communicate
  • Assertively present your products to highlight how they can solve the customer’s problems
  • Build a sales kit of tools and models that work in practice
  • Create your personal development plan to implement in the workplace