This course provides you with an extremely insightful and practical guide on how to manage yourself and the difficult people and situations that you encounter in your workplace. It will provide you with tips and techniques to enable you to develop the confidence to be proactive and not reactive when challenged by people and circumstances.

You will learn how to understand other people’s behaviour and how to respond appropriately. You will gain practical guidance to apply to your own situations and you will leave the course with the skills and the confidence to apply the appropriate techniques to your day-to-day activities.

Suitable for anyone looking to develop their skills and confidence when dealing with difficult people and situations at work.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Forge more positive working relationships with individuals you find difficult
  • Separate people from their behaviour and avoid making inaccurate assumptions
  • Recognise and respond to non-assertive behaviours and crossed transactions
  • Adopt a confident, professional and appropriate approach to difficult situations
  • Give constructive and courageous feedback to a ‘difficult’ individual
  • Receive critical feedback gracefully
  • Use strong communication skills to improve interactions and create mutual understanding
  • Plan your personal strategy for dealing with difficult situations
  • Challenging your assumptions and focusing on observed behaviour
  • Breaking the Belief-Behaviour cycle
  • Identifying types of behaviour and their impact on self and others
  • Choosing an assertive response in a difficult situation
  • Using practical tools to build your assertiveness toolkit
  • Communicating effectively through active listening and asking great questions
  • Creating congruence of visual, verbal and vocal communication elements
  • Becoming aware of filters and how they can distort our experiences
  • Applying a simple model to incorporate the key elements of effective feedback
  • How to receive critical feedback with grace and purpose