Influencing others is one of the most important competencies frequently identified in top performers. It is often your ability to influence others to your way of thinking and to convince others to support you that contributes to delivering impactful change in a business or project environment.

Whilst we assume managers and leaders are effective at impacting and influencing others, the opposite is often true, particularly where a lack of direct authority exists. This workshop is therefore designed to strengthen this critical skill area.

The workshop will utilise a unique behavioural assessment, case studies and ‘hands-on’ exercises to develop a practical approach that is right for you in order to win others more effectively to your way of thinking. A highly skilled and experienced trainer will utilise your personalised assessment, multiple practice sessions and real world examples to bring the subject matter alive.

Suitable for anyone who is serious about persuading and influencing others, whether they be internal and / or external stakeholders. This workshop is ideal for middle and senior managers, general managers, directors, business unit managers and leaders, as well as programme / project managers and project leaders.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Recognise the eight tactical weapons of influence.
  • Create strong levels of trust with your internal and external stakeholders and foster collaboration.
  • Understand your own and other people’s differences in terms of drives, wants, needs and behaviours.
  • Speed read, establish rapport and influence others in a unique and appropriate manner.
  • Prepare and leverage your strategy successfully and avoid pitfalls and traps.
  • Employ specific strategies for challenging behaviours such as ego, power, aggressiveness and high assertiveness.
  • Identify and apply political strategies effectively.
  • Enable others to take action and inspire a shared vision.
  • Recognise resistance and transform it into a positive outcome and cooperation.

In order to maximise the learning impact, you will be asked to complete a behavioural assessment before the course. Additionally, it is beneficial to bring along to the workshop practical situations that you would benefit from discussing within a confidential environment. A selection of these scenarios will be used in role plays. The results will be discussed during the training and suggestions made around how best to increase your levels of influence and persuasion.

  • Applying techniques for building rapport
  • Building real and unique value
  • Listening for multiple perspectives
  • Creating trust-based relationships
  • Adapting flexibly to influencing situations
  • Expanding your power base and transforming resistance in others
  • Identifying and applying political strategies effectively
  • Fine-tuning and integrating strategies that work for you
  • Creation of a personalised action plan