This 90-minute virtual session will help you to really understand what innovation is in the workplace, and the benefits and risks associated with it; along with how to become more innovative by exploring your own innovation persona. It concludes with the pillars of innovation and creativity and defines some steps that can be taken after the session.

This short session is for anyone who would like to explore and develop their approach to innovation.

  • By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Define innovation and creativity and describe the link between the two 
  • Explain the benefits of innovation alongside potential risks 
  • Identify your innovation persona and the implication of this in your job role 
  • Use a range of creativity tools, including mind mapping and brainstorming  
  • Describe design thinking and disruptive thinking

What is Innovation?

  • Definition
  • The innovation continuum
  • Benefits and risks

Your Innovation Persona

  • Types
  • Consider your persona
  • Innovation habits

Getting Creative

  • Benefits of mind-mapping
  • Mind-mapping exercise

Pillars of Innovation and Creativity

  • Eight pillars
  • Review your approach