How often do you truly challenge the status quo, or encourage others to break from the norm? When faced with a problem, do you find that you embrace the opportunity to do something new, or very quickly make a decision based on the safe, tried and tested methods you’ve always used, regardless of how limiting they may be?

This session will transform the way you approach business challenges and opportunities. You will learn how to think outside the box to find new solutions. You will also understand the importance of innovation and how to develop a creative culture within your team.

This course is suitable for everyone! Innovation is not only a benefit, but a must for every team member and leader in the fast-paced ever-changing workplace.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop a mindset to challenge the norm
  • Use the phases of creativity to refine and present the finished idea
  • Apply effective brainstorming methods
  • Learn various creative thinking techniques
  • Foster an environment that encourages a creative culture
  • Understand your own preferences of creative environments and blockers
  • Benefits of innovation in the workplace
  • Understanding your own levels of creativity
  • What does ‘thinking outside the box’ really mean?
  • Creative environments and blockers
  • Creativity continuum
  • Brainstorming principles, rules and techniques
  • Evaluating your innovative ideas
  • Executing your ideas effectively
  • Creating a lasting culture of innovation


Working in partnership with People Unboxed