This programme has been designed to develop the knowledge and skills of managers and engineers so that they can confidently deal with problem solving and process improvement activities from a lean perspective.

This is a one-day course that will consist of presentations, led discussion and short workshop sessions.

It is designed to give delegates a solid understanding of lean, enabling them to identify opportunities and confidently apply basic tools to improve processes and key metrics.

It provides a foundation for further development in lean at both practitioner and leader levels and it is also a step in moving forward with a lean six sigma learning journey, to design and improve products and processes to world class standards.

This course is provided in partnership with Enabling Maximum Potential, who provide a wide range of lean six sigma training programmes.

This course is for managers and engineers who are leading problem solving and process improvement activities and who want to apply best practice principles and basic tools. No specific qualifications/experience is required.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of lean
  • Recognise best practice deployment of lean
  • Identify opportunities for applying lean and improving performance of key metrics in your area and others'
  • Apply key tools for understanding and improving processes to deliver maximum value for customers and shareholders
  • Set up and manage Kaizen events in a team-based environment to deliver quick wins
  • Recognise best practice methods for problem solving and process improvement

Brief History of Lean

Tools and Techniques

  • 5S
  • Visual management
  • Kanban
  • Single Minute Exchange of Dies (SMED)
  • Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)

The Seven Wastes

Value Stream and Process Mapping

Problem Solving and Process Improvement Methods

An exercise developed throughout the day to reinforce learning


Working in partnership with Enabling Maximum Potential