If you are new to the job, this comprehensive virtual course is the ideal way to quickly gain the knowledge and skills you require to manage people and teams. The programme is very practical and based on everyday work situations so you can return to work feeling motivated and confident to drive your team to achieve great results.

You will learn how your behaviour can help build trust and loyalty as well as the most effective ways to set objectives, delegate tasks, manage performance and give feedback. You will also leave with a personal action plan to support you on your journey to becoming a great manager.

Suitable for supervisors, team leaders and line managers who are new or fairly new to the role or who have had no previous training in the basics of people management.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Set and reach both personal and team objectives
  • Motivate, manage and lead your team and individuals to meet their objectives
  • Use a five-stage structure to delegate tasks effectively
  • Recognise when to give performance feedback and how to do so effectively
  • Explain how to assess performance and monitor progress against goals
  • Take steps to build an effective team and avoid dysfunction
  • Select the most suitable methods of development for individuals in your team
  • Understanding what is required of you in your role as a manager
  • Defining the characteristics of a great manager
  • Meeting the needs and demands of the task, team and individual
  • Setting individual and team objectives, considering the requirements of the business
  • Measuring and monitoring progress towards performance and behaviour goals
  • Recognising strengths and developing individuals to achieve their potential 
  • Overcoming the barriers of effective delegation by applying a simple process
  • Maximising and maintaining individual and team motivation
  • Providing recognition and motivational feedback 
  • Delivering constructive feedback using a simple structure
  • Responding swiftly and appropriately to issues of underperformance 
  • Providing support at the right time and in the right way to maximise performance

Our programmes use our Excite, Engage, Embed methodology and blend expert-led virtual delivery, on-demand learning and 1:1 coaching over three to six months to ensure the learning really sticks.

Virtual expert-led training session A deeper dive into the topic in three-hour chunks facilitated by a subject matter expert. Our qualified producers will ensure that learners receive an interactive and engaging experience. Plus, small group sizes mean that your facilitator can cover specific learning points in a personalised format.

On-demand digital learning Access to online learning resources before and after your expert-led training and 1:1 coaching. These have been created and curated by a learning architect in order to meet the learning objectives of the programme. These are designed for a mix of learning styles and are ‘snackable’ to fit into your day, and are in a ‘playlist’ format for you to work through and return to as you need.

1:1 coaching from your expert trainer Raise your specific challenges, ask focused questions and work with an expert to help you shift your capabilities and relate your learning to your role.

Team training programmes for up to 15 people

This programme is available for immediate delivery 'in-house' for intact teams or if you want to bring groups of people together for training. 1:1 coaching is an optional extra - please contact us for costs.