This course uses a number of case studies and practical exercises to demonstrate best practice in event organisation.

The key to effective organisation of events, seminars, workshops or conferences is in planning.  This practical course provides an opportunity to develop the self-confidence needed to plan, coordinate, run and manage a successful event. You will be given robust checklists to use when planning your future events.

Suitable for PAs, secretaries, executive assistants, supervisors and administrators who are new to organising events and wish to enhance their confidence and organisational skills. This introductory course is not suitable for experienced conference organisers.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Plan for a successful event.
  • Develop successful event checklists.
  • Identify and avoid possible pitfalls and handle the unexpected.
  • Work within a budget.
  • Communicate and negotiate with stakeholders.
  • Work with others to deliver a memorable event.
  • Evaluate the success of the event.

This course requires the completion of a pre-course questionnaire so that we can ensure that the course focuses on your key issues and needs, and those of your manager.

The Effective Organiser

  • Your role and responsibilities; the skills required for success
  • Working with others - keeping all parties informed through two-way communication
  • Whose support and assistance do you require?


  • Agreeing the scope and objectives of your event
  • Creating a critical path and developing a Gantt chart
  • Designing a schedule and developing a checklist
  • Working within a budget
  • Getting value for money when the budget is tight

Venues and Suppliers

  • Sourcing venues suppliers and guest speakers
  • Selecting the right venue
  • Negotiating prices, terms and facilities

On the Day

  • How to get the most out of your day
  • Dealing with difficult situations on the day
  • The ingredients of a successful day

Evaluating the Day

  • Why? Who? When? What? How?
  • Lessons for the future
  • Action planning for your next event