This virtually facilitated process speaks to the human need for connection, care and community in challenging times. This programme brings leaders together; you will be expertly guided through a process that focuses on helping you rise to the challenges you face. In the first session, you will get to the heart of issues in the ‘here and now’ by discovering dilemmas and pain points. You will take time for reflection and share ideas drawing on the collective intelligence of the group. You will leave the final session with a clear understanding of what is in your control and how you can act immediately. You will also be able to adopt the approaches you have learnt to help overcome future dilemmas and challenges.


Session 1: Check-in (75 minutes) 

Participants have the undivided attention of the group to discuss two compelling questions and get to the heart of issues. The facilitator will help discover key dilemmas and pain points from the individual’s experience.

Session 2: Go learn (30 minutes) 

Individuals take 30 minutes to reflect, through whichever method they choose - a cup of tea, meditation or journaling, for example. The key objective is to allow the subconscious to begin to work and understand what is within the locus of control.

Session 3: Learn together (60 minutes) 

Participants will come back together to learn from the collective intelligence of the group in a structured approach; the group will gather ideas, responses and experiences to help each individual find a way to respond within their control.

Session 4: Check out (15 minutes)

The facilitator will guide a review of the process so far and the options available so that participants finish with intent and a clear understanding of what is in their control and how they can act immediately.

Watch a short video about Leaders Connected on YouTube.

Facilitated virtual programme to:

  • Get out of the fight, flight and freeze mode – slow down, express feelings and be listened to
  • Move from a stressed state to a relaxed state
  • Respond and learn out of hope rather than react out of fear
  • Connect leaders and focus on care and community
  • Focus on actions that can help regain some control
  • Understand pain points and dilemmas