If you want to deliver performance through your team, this course is for you.

Rediscover your presence and voice with practical exercises, breathing techniques and a hint of imagination.  This insightful two-day course will explore your leadership qualities and help you harness your innate charisma to influence and inspire those around you.

This training is comprised of cutting-edge, science-based techniques, such as Patsy Rodenburg’s Second Circle Presence™, the secret recipe of the world’s most charismatic and exciting speakers.

This course is suitable for existing and potential leaders of all levels. It is designed for those who want to have greater presence, a stronger voice and improve their charisma.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Elicit confidence with powerful Second Circle™ Voice and Presence.
  • Inspire with effective and passionate speech.
  • Create a two-way emotional connection with your listener.
  • Transform individuals into ensemble players.
  • Lead with clarity, gravitas and humanity.
  • Ignite the energy of your team by your personal impact.

Please prepare a short professional presentation (such as an elevator pitch) of under five minutes. Feel free but not obliged to use whatever support you think would be most effective (slides, flip chart, video etc.). 
Please prepare to speak extemporaneously (without notes, slides etc.) about a hobby or interest you are passionate about (e.g. sport, travel, culture, chocolate etc.). 

Practical reminders:

  • Please wear comfortable clothing that it is easy for you to move around in. Please wear flat shoes.
  • Please be sure to bring along your smart phone. If you do not have an audio recording app native to the phone (such as Voice Memos in iPhone or Voice Recorder in Samsung Galaxy), please download an audio recorder.
  • Please ensure that you have some memory space on your device to record video.
  • If you do not have adequate memory space or a recorder, please bring a memory stick

Louder than Words: Body Posture and Language

  • How physical actions and posture affect the brain and thus our confidence
  • The story your habitual posture tells us
  • Owning your space with grace: from the meeting to the speech
  • Actions to suit the words: fluent body language

Transform and Inspire: The Readiness Is All… Are You Ready?

  • Overcoming nervousness and communication tics
  • Experiencing equality with your staff, colleagues and seniors
  • 360º availability: heightened perception and listening skills
  • Creating a two way emotional connection as you speak and listen

The Free Voice: Sounds Interesting

  • Freeing vocal tension for a clear, strong, sound
  • Unlock vocal expressiveness to move and inspire
  • Energise the voice to be powerful but without force
  • Speak from your entire body to lead others by attraction not promotion

Eloquent Speaking: Be Epic - Be Intimate

  • Synching the mind and mouth: mean what you say when you are saying it 
  • Speaking with effortless energy and passion
  • Be done with fillers: “like, um, eh, right”- own your words and stay present
  • Listen while you are speaking and make that emotional connection

Content Matters: It Is What You Say and the Way That You Say It

  • Efficient structured thought: lean and clean communication
  • The voyage of the thought: taking us home
  • Confident courageous conversations: speak with humanity and gravitas.
  • Choosing the right words to inspire and to move: speech from the heart

From Pixels to Paper: Hi-Tech and Low-Tech Communication Challenges

  • On camera technique for video, Webex, Skype etc
  • On the mic technique for PA, public speaking, phone conference
  • Effectively working with slides, images and video as support
  • Working with podiums, lecterns and in-hand sight-reading