Do you need different leadership approaches to thrive in the face of an environment full of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA)? Is VUCA just a phrase meaning “it’s crazy out there”, giving us permission to give up on strategy and planning?

You’ll learn to recognise volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations during this course. You will develop the leadership skills and behaviours that enable you to cope and draw a vision that inspires teams to follow you. You will explore how true leaders build joint objectives with their team and secure buy-in, whilst engaging individuals. 
This is a truly collaborative course; you’ll make the most of your time out of the office to embrace a different approach to leadership.

This highly experiential residential programme will give leaders a comprehensive view of their leadership strengths and areas to adapt via 360º feedback. The focus of the programme is on practising different approaches in specific volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations and receiving feedback on the effectiveness of behaviours employed.

The Benefits of a Residential Course

Why is this a residential course? We believe it allows you to continue your learning in a relaxed way (one of the exercises is carried out over dinner with the facilitators), it builds your network with others and encourages all in sharing knowledge and experience with fellow delegates. It also means that the facilitators can give you the one-to-one feedback in a relaxed environment.

Suitable for all leaders and senior managers working in a volatile, uncertain, complex or ambiguous environment, it is also valuable for senior managers required to have an impact across the whole organisation without necessarily having structural authority for all the groups they need to influence.

If you’re looking to inspire people, build relationships and go beyond traditional management processes and skills, this course is for you. 

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand your personal leadership strengths and development areas.
  • Grasp how your own values contribute to your leadership traits.
  • Understand the neuroscience behind your behaviours 
  • Work differently to get the results you want
  • Ensure you remain authentic in your leadership approach whilst being able to be flexible and adaptable.
  • Build better relationships across the organisation to broaden your influence on the whole organisation’s results.
  • Succeed in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations.
  • Build self-reliance within your team and others to achieve success.


At least four weeks prior to the course, delegates will need to complete the Lumina Leader assessment tool. It is based on the latest business theories to give you an insight into leading others by understanding your leadership style and the needs of those you are leading.

What is VUCA?

  • What is VUCA and how does it manifest in your organisation?
  • What approaches are currently taken to respond to your VUCA world?

Understanding Your Leadership Style Using Lumina Leader 
Lumina Leader is an assessment tool based on the latest business theories. Lumina Leader equips you with the appropriate tools for leading others by examining both your own leadership style and the qualities of those you lead. It is designed to nurture leadership to its highest level. Your unique style is your special strength and when you can also adapt it to suit every situation and every individual, you reach peak leadership performance.

Using (and Adapting) Your Leadership Style to VUCA Situations

  • When management is not enough - risk and consequences of lack of leadership
  • Identify the appropriate leadership responses to volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, and plan how to apply these behaviours in a comfortable way that fits with your values and works for your relationships.
  • Through a series of simulations, teams will face volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous situations, as well as practise and receive feedback on their leadership behaviours and responses
    • Simulations will be based on realistic world events from different industries, with delegates working in teams as events unfold and as information becomes available in real time
    • The simulations allow delegates to practise their planned behaviours in a safe environment and receive feedback from the facilitator and team members on their strengths and reactions to behaviours employed
    • There will be three simulations, each containing a mix of VUCA elements.  Whilst the first two simulations will contain a mix, they will each focus on one element of VUCA more than the others, to give delegates time and space to practise their planned behaviours in a safe environment and build up their experience at a comfortable pace
    • As the workshop progresses, the final simulation will contain a much stronger mix of all VUCA elements to hone the skills built throughout the more straightforward scenarios

Understand the Neuroscience Behind Your Behaviours 

  • How to work differently to get the results you want
  • Work flexibly with rapid change 
  • Engage with those around you, spotting their signals and responding with curiosity rather than interpretation 
  • Allow people to voice their deepest concerns and feelings to enable a culture of free creativity and collaboration.  

Personal Application Plan

  • Build a meaningful plan of action to make a difference to you, your organisation and your people
  • Understand and plan for the barriers to achieving success