With an increase in dispersed, virtual and remote teams, managers face new challenges in working with their teams from a distance. This course is focused on building and sustaining high performance in a remote team setting.

You will learn some practical approaches to running virtual meetings, managing performance and communicating appropriately and effectively with your team. You will also explore the leadership behaviours that cultivate feelings of trust and unity and provide a strong foundation for effective collaboration.

Suitable for supervisors, team leaders and line managers who currently lead, or anticipate leading, a remote or dispersed team.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe what remote team members need and expect from leaders
  • Build unity and trust within and across your remote team
  • Use a combination of communication channels and methods to support effective team working
  • Plan and conduct effective virtual meetings
  • Manage the performance of your team using an output-based approach
  • Create and maintain motivation and team spirit within remote working environments
  • Defining the characteristics of effective remote teams
  • Identifying the behaviours, skills and qualities of successful remote team leaders
  • Nurturing team spirit and building trust
  • Understanding the emotional, psychological and physical requirements of remote workers 
  • Identifying and overcoming the barriers to effective remote communication 
  • Planning when, how and how often to communicate 
  • Developing and implementing communication systems and processes using technology
  • Creating a supportive environment to motivate the remote team 
  • Measuring and managing team and individual outputs