In today’s work environment we are constantly under pressure to juggle different colleagues’ needs, dealing with several different projects at once or having to adapt to changing priorities.

This course provides practical guidance on managing relationships and dealing with conflicting needs effectively in order to improve and maximise performance in the workplace.

Suitable for PAs, secretaries and administrators having to deal with conflicting demands who are keen to maximise their effectiveness and increase their assertiveness.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Manage conflicting demands more effectively.
  • Manage your pressure levels and improve your efficiency.
  • Communicate more effectively.
  • Be more assertive and confident with your work colleagues.
  • Prioritise your workload to meet expectations.
  • Identify and remove time stealers.

This course requires the completion of a pre-course questionnaire in order that we can ensure that the course focuses on your key issues and needs, and those of your manager. We will request that you complete a learning styles questionnaire also, so that the trainer can adapt their approach to your style.

Prioritising to Get Results

  • Strategies to avoid the traps we fall into when under pressure
  • Key guidelines for prioritising successfully
  • Examining the difference between urgent and important tasks

Dealing with Conflicting Demands

  • Coping when everything is urgent
  • Choosing your attitude
  • Staying positive under pressure

Removing Time Stealers

  • Staying in control – proactive versus reactive
  • Identifying and removing time stealers
  • How to deal with interruptions

Managing Your Inbox

  • Best practice for controlling email
  • Organising your inbox
  • Rules for sending emails

Communicating to Relieve Pressure

  • Developing confidence in difficult situations
  • Communicating assertively to get results
  • Saying no without feeling guilty