This interactive course will provide learners with a range of tools and techniques to help them manage projects more effectively in remote working environments.  
As the number of organisations moving to remote working increases, so does the need for more effective project management. Unfortunately, a lot of the traditional methods for managing projects that have long been in place have become redundant in remote environments. In turn, this leads to ineffective working practices, poorly managed scope and a failure to achieve objectives within the constraints specified. 

The session aims to provide you with an up to date perspective on what’s required to manage projects remotely along with a range of tools and techniques that you can apply immediately, thus leading to successful project outcomes.

This course is suitable for anyone managing projects or workstreams in a remote environment.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the key attributes of a successful remote project manager
  • Create a working environment that enables success
  • Assemble the project team and agree on a way of working
  • Recognize what makes a high performing team
  • Define the project objectives and scope the deliverables
  • Use an online collaboration tool for capturing, tracking and communicating progress
  • Handle the common problems faced managing projects remotely