This course will enable you to improve the way you interact with people, manage your workload better and get the best out of others in order to achieve the successful outcomes you want and the business needs.
Your objectives and projects may rely on getting people on board who are more senior than you or who you don’t usually work with. There are also situations where you need to have enough confidence to address your own manager. How do you find ways to perform in these circumstances?
In these situations, you may be at a disadvantage, as you can’t rely on lines of authority or hierarchy to get things done. It is important to work on your personal brand and build respect so that people take you seriously. You must also be able to communicate in the appropriate way and have the confidence to influence for the right outcome.


If you are an individual who communicates at all levels in your organisation, this one-day course will give you a variety of tips and techniques to help. Working with managers, directors, clients and individuals from various departments can prove difficult when you have little or no line of authority. 
Whether you manage processes or people, you will get the skills you need to succeed. 


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise others’ communication styles and how best to communicate with impact.
  • Influence others where you have no authority.
  • Build a personal brand that gets you noticed in the crowd.
  • Manage expectations, say no and negotiate deadlines.


Effective Communication

  • Identify personality types and recognise communication styles
  • Adapting your style to maximise your impact on others
  • Approach difficult conversations with confidence
  • Picking the right channel(s) for the best result (face to face, phone, email…)
  • Driving conversations to a successful conclusion

Building Your Brand

  • What is ‘Me PLC’?
  • Build up your confidence to tackle the task at hand
  • Position yourself so you’re recognised and respected
  • Be aware of how others see you 
  • Define how you want to be perceived using your positive mindset
  • How you look and what you say - they both speak about you

Influencing without Authority

  • Working with others as ‘allies’
  • Setting goals that can be achieved
  • Seeing things through the eyes of others
  • Recognising your influencing levers
  • Building an effective network
  • ‘Give and take’ influencing

Managing Your Manager and Others

  • Use your assertiveness skills to make an impact in meetings
  • Getting your ideas across so you stand out from others
  • Preparing yourself for success and getting things done
  • Manage expectations around workloads and prior commitments
  • How to make ‘your important’ ‘their important’