This course allows the delegate who is familiar with Microsoft Project 2010 to manage their projects using the advanced functions and to learn how to customise their projects within Microsoft Project 2010.

This course is for delegates who have a basic knowledge and experience of using Microsoft Project who wish to develop their skills in using Microsoft Project 2010.

The delegate must have attended a Microsoft Project 2010 level 1 course. Therefore it will be assumed that the delegate will have the basic Microsoft Project 2010 skills.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Set up project monitoring tools.
  • Be aware of the default management reports.
  • Customise your project.
  • Work with project costs.
  • Work with multiple projects.
  • Working and managing resources.
  • Creating resource pools.

Refresher Microsoft Project 2010 level 1 Course

Setting Project Costs

  • Entering costs
  • Viewing costs

Managing Resources

  • Working with resources and calendars
  • Assigning resources and costs
  • Identifying resource over allocations

Customise your project

  • Use advanced views
  • Using the organiser

Set up project monitoring tools

  • Saving a baseline plan
  • Updating the progress of tasks
  • Viewing task progress

Project Management Reports

  • Print views and default reports

Working with Multiple Projects

  • Types of multiple projects
  • Inserting and linking subprojects
  • Setting baselines
  • Viewing master projects

Creating Resource Pools

  • Creating and updating resource pools
  • Linking projects to resource pools
  • Creating resource pools for multiple projects

Personal Development

  • Review of your own project issues and concerns
  • Creating a personal action plan throughout the course