The interpersonal skills of motivating and communicating are wound through this highly interactive two-day course which proves invaluable to sales managers moving into their first managerial role.

This course employs a profiling tool from Thomas International which provides accurate, valid and objective assessments that enable employers to understand and develop the full potential of their people. Prior to attendance on the course you will be sent a questionnaire which will look at your personal profile. Please note in order to gain the maximum benefits from the course these questionnaires should be completed and returned in advance of the course. The profile reports will be used as part of the coaching development on day two.

Hemsley Fraser is able to provide profile reports and feedback days for complete sales teams. These reports will enable sales managers to highlight the weaker areas of the team skills and where development is required. Once a sales manager has completed this course and would like to arrange the team profiling they should contact one of our learning consultants.

Suitable for managers moving into their first managerial role, and those looking to develop the skills to effectively motivate and communicate with others.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop your leadership style to maximise team performance.
  • Establish SMART objectives that will motivate and get results.
  • Use a review process to strengthen commitment.
  • Design and implement an effective sales plan.
  • Understand how effective communication can impact your team.
  • Identify and develop appropriate leadership styles for remote teams.
  • Understand the importance of changing behaviour, not just developing skills.
  • Understand the importance of motivation in a sales team.
  • Improve team performance through motivation and leadership.
  • Develop your own performance and action plan.

Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships

  • Understanding what is expected of you
  • The role - is it management, leadership or both?
  • The profile of a successful sales manager
  • How your leadership style impacts on relationships and profit
  • How to establish SMART objectives that will get results

Sales Planning and Systems

  • How to forecast and plan for targeted sales performance
  • How to measure sales results and make them meaningful
  • Management information - its part of your success
  • Essential negotiation tips to ensure profitable customer business

Lead and Motivate the Team

  • The essentials of effective team working
  • How to establish SMART objectives that will get results
  • Motivational psychology to strengthen your sales management skills
  • Develop appropriate leadership styles for field sales teams

Making the Most of Performance Reviews

  • Using a powerful review process to strengthen commitment
  • Knowing how to keep your top performers ‘on song’
  • How to give motivational feedback
  • Re-motivating the de-motivated
  • The essentials of good coaching skills and how to build personalised training plans that deliver results

Communication - Meetings and Briefings

  • Understanding when one-way communication is appropriate
  • Successful meetings and the people skills behind them
  • Understanding what makes for a powerful presentation
  • How to generate a 'buzz' at your team briefings

Personal Development

  • Working on your weaknesses; building on your strengths
  • Committing yourself to change on return to the workplace
  • Continuous professional development; what next?
  • Using the results of your profile report to help develop your potential


Optional follow-up session

The use of the Thomas International profiling tool plays a keen part in helping sales managers understand ‘what is motivating them’. To make the most of the results, Hemsley Fraser offers an optional follow up session where sales managers and their teams can use the Thomas International Profiling tool together to understand how they can develop their full potential. The rest of the session will be designed around the manager’s and team’s needs.

For this reason the follow up session can take half a day or a full day depending on the size of your team and the depth of review required. We can also customise the session by including other tips and techniques to help you perform better.

For details of the follow up session please call our Learning Advisors on 0845 071 2801.