This workshop is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding you need to maximise the discretionary effort of your team members, leading to high performance and high engagement.

You will use some key learning points from modern motivation theory to establish practical strategies to motivate your team for optimum performance; starting with identifying common motivators and demotivators, and understanding what really drives each individual. You will then focus on two essential management practices – setting goals and giving feedback – and will learn the right way to execute both in order to maximise individual motivation to strive and improve.

This session is suitable for any manager or leader who would like to increase employee motivation within their own team.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define motivation at work and explain key theoretical concepts
  • Identify common motivators and demotivators in the workplace
  • Pinpoint the motivators of individual team members
  • Use goal-setting as a motivator and formulate meaningful goals 
  • Deliver motivational and solution-orientated feedback
  • Generate practical actions to be taken to increase motivation
  • Defining what motivation is and where it comes from
  • Understanding and recognising common motivators and demotivators in the workplace
  • Exploring some modern theories about motivation – Glasser’s Choice Theory, Sirota’s Three-Factor Theory
  • Applying key points from the theories to workplace scenarios
  • Exploring the concept of praise and how it can motivate or demotivate
  • Using feedback and goal setting to maximise motivation
  • Discover your management style and identify the potential impact on motivation
  • Motivational techniques to increase leadership effectiveness