This workshop will help you to get the best out of your supplier negotiations.

You will find out how to prepare for, conduct and follow up negotiations to ensure that you are getting the best deal and cementing sustainable business relationships.

This workshop is designed for anyone who is involved in supplier negotiations for goods or services. The course will show how you use your negotiating skills to enhance your long term relationships with suppliers, as well as getting the best deals for your organisation.

You will come out feeling confident and better equipped to go into negotiations, communicate with suppliers and get the profitable results that you need to benefit your company and your reputation.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of negotiation to get profitable deals and maintain long term business relationships
  • Know when to negotiate with suppliers
  • Understand the five possible outcomes of a supplier negotiation and prepare your negotiations accordingly
  • Recognise partnership and adversarial negotiation styles and the advantages and disadvantages of both
  • Demonstrate the four phases of negotiating
  • Understand the behaviours of highly skilled negotiators and use them appropriately

Please bring examples of negotiations in which you have been involved (at work or in your personal life).

Please also consider good negotiators you have encountered and your thoughts about what made them so successful.

What is Negotiation?

  • Looking at the different sorts of negotiation
  • Negotiating at work: what makes it different?
  • The five possible outcomes of negotiation
  • Partnership and adversarial negotiation styles

The Phases of Negotiating

  • Stage 1: Prepare
  • Stage 2: Discuss
  • Stage 3: Propose
  • Stage 4: Bargain
  • Individual and team negotiating: what’s the difference?

The Behaviours of Highly Skilled Negotiators

  • What highly skilled negotiators do (and don’t do)
  • Communication skills for negotiators: listening, asking questions, communicating information, body language
  • Detecting deception

Putting it into Practice

  • Applying negotiating behaviours
  • Using the four phases of negotiation
  • Individual and team negotiation practice