Objective setting remains one of the key drivers for business success. This practical one-day course will provide participants with best practice guidance to develop this critical capability.

The course explores many different aspects of setting, monitoring and helping achieve objectives using practice sessions to demonstrate the skills and templates that can be immediately applied within the workplace.

This course has been designed for anyone who wants to increase their capability in agreeing, monitoring and motivating to achieve objectives.

It will be particularly useful for team leaders and first line managers who are interested in the art of setting and helping achieve objectives for business success. This course would also be helpful for anyone else who wants to review and refresh their objective setting abilities.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the need to create line of sight from company to individual objectives
  • Define the benefits of clear concise objective setting
  • Employ templates for creating task and behavioural objectives
  • Conduct objective setting conversations with confidence
  • Help maintain motivation when pursuing objectives
  • Translate objectives into everyday tasks
  • Assess your staff’s progress towards achieving objectives

Translating Corporate Objectives into Day-to-Day Work

  • Understand the range of benefits derived from great objective setting
  • Develop line of sight between corporate and team objectives
  • The link between individual objectives and company success

Create Energising Task Objectives

  • Use a simple structure for designing motivational objectives
  • Create objectives that can be tracked and measured to demonstrate success using SMART
  • Commit to owning and achieving objectives

Understand How to Use Behavioural Objectives

  • The uses and benefits of behavioural objectives
  • How to construct easy to monitor behavioural objectives
  • Using critical incidents to pinpoint success and areas of development

Stimulating Techniques to Help Achieve Objectives

  • Imaginative techniques to assist in achieving objectives
  • How to plan and prioritise objectives for your team members
  • Template for turning objectives into everyday work tasks

Interpersonal Skills for Objective Setting and Review Meetings

  • Identify the critical interpersonal skills for objective setting
  • Test the skills in a series of objective setting practice sessions
  • Receive feedback on the use of your skills and ability in creating objectives

Objective Setting and Planning Meetings

  • Learn to manage effective objective setting meetings
  • Integrate action planning into your objective setting conversations
  • How to conduct supportive progress review conversations

Personal Action Planning

  • Create a personal action plan to continue your development in setting and achieving objectives
  • Complete a range of post course activities to continue your skills development