Combining proven leadership techniques with practical advice and individual insights, this course will link your personal leadership to the performance of others.

This two-day course will provide managers with proven techniques of people management which are directly applicable to the workplace. Delegates will learn how to channel the energy and motivation of individuals within their teams.

Designed for experienced managers and senior supervisors with more than two years’ experience of managing people but who have received little or no formal training. Managers who are responsible for other managers may wish to consider 'The Manager’s Development Programme'.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define your role and responsibilities and assess how your personal style impacts on individuals.
  • Project a more self-confident and professional managerial image.
  • Build a cohesive team that works together to achieve objectives.
  • Recognise and work with the diversity in your team.
  • Delegate tasks to the benefit of individuals.
  • Communicate confidently and positively with team members and senior colleagues.
  • Motivate and develop individuals within your team.
  • Deal with people problems quickly, confidently and professionally.

Putting Your Role into an Organisational Context

  • Reviewing your role and responsibilities
  • Recognising the key leadership styles
  • The impact of style on your team
  • Management and leadership – the difference

People Management, Team Development and Delegation

  • Leading a team to perform
  • Recognising and appreciating the diversity of work relationships
  • Re-assessing the strengths and development areas of the team
  • Review of essential delegation skills

Motivating the Team

  • Setting goals for individual development and organisational growth
  • Encouraging positive input from the individual
  • Practical ideas on how to motivate your team

Creative Problem Solving and Managing Difficult People

  • Tools for generating and choosing the right solutions to tricky problems
  • Conflict situations - how to resolve them
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult people

Priority, Plans and Performance - Organisation is the Key

  • Identifying key result areas
  • How to manage and classify priorities to enhance levels of performance
  • Developing effective team strategies
  • Planning ahead - creating an action plan

Effective Communication

  • Engage with key stakeholders to improve performance
  • Influencing and persuading across your organisational network
  • Overcoming objections and resistance