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If you are new to the job, this management course is the ideal way quickly to gain the skills you require to lead people. 

The programme is very practical and based on everyday work situations so you can return to the office feeling motivated and confident to drive your team to achieve great results.
You will learn how your behaviour can help build trust and loyalty as well the most effective ways to set objectives and communicate with your people.
Through group practice sessions and multimedia learning tools, you will experience how to diffuse problematic situations and how to create a productive environment for a motivated team.
You will also leave with a personal action plan to support you on your journey to becoming a great manager.

Suitable for supervisors, team leaders and line managers who are new to their role or who have had no previous training in the basics of people management. 
Managers with more experience may prefer 'Team Management and Leadership Skills'.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Develop key people skills to ensure success in your management role. 
  • Enhance the performance of your team to deliver results. 
  • Set and reach both personal and team objectives using delegation and time management skills. 
  • Understand how to overcome barriers to communication.  
  • Motivate, manage and lead your team and individuals to meet objectives. 
  • Help the individuals in your team solve problems which lead to underperformance. 
  • Handle difficult situations and people using empathy and constructive feedback. 
  • Practise the skills of active listening and effective questioning. 
  • Deal more effectively and confidently with difficult behaviours and situations. 

Defining Your Role and Responsibilities

  • What is required of you? Role and responsibilities 
  • Meet new challenges and changes with confidence 
  • Meet the demands of your manager and team 
  • Establish your personal leadership style 
  • Build trust thanks to a caring and competent behaviour

People Management, Team Development

  • Set personal and team objectives considering the business / balanced scorecard 
  • Measure and monitor progress towards strategic targets
  • Understand the decision-making process
  • Build a positive and successful team 
  • Recognise strengths and develop individuals' potential 

Delegation and Time Management

  • Plan your workload to help you achieve your overall objectives
  • Make time for the most important tasks
  • Prioritise and plan for yourself and others 
  • The process of delegation and its benefits
  • Overcome the barriers to effective delegation

Motivating the Team

  • Maximise and maintain input and motivation – build the desire for results 
  • Provide recognition and feedback 
  • Motivate to achieve maximum performance 
  • Link individual effort to team and organisational goals
  • The 3 Rs of motivation

Effective Communication

  • Identify your preferred communication style
  • Overcome barriers – ensure your communications get results 
  • Listening and questioning skills to help assess your team’s needs
  • Learn how to interact with others in the most effective way
  • Define feedback and how to give constructive feedback

Improve Team Performance and Overcome People Problems

  • Respond to poor performance 
  • Develop effective strategies for yourself and your team 
  • Deal with difficult people and situations – working towards positive conclusions 

Personal Development

  • Prepare and develop a personal action plan to support your return to the workplace